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A space for black women to learn and explore technology.

blackgirl.tech started in 2014 as an organisation that aimed to provide a safe space for Black* girls and women in the tech industry and those coming into the tech industry. Since then, it has grown into a social enterprise that not only provides a safe space for Black women, but that aims to make tech a safer space for Black women and girls.

* When we say Black, we are spesifically referencing those who are of African decent and who identify as Black racially (including Black-British, Black Carribbean, African-American, Afro-Latinx, and Bi-racial people who have at least one Black parent).

The goal of blackgirl.tech isn’t to make everyone a coder but to introduce coding to those who may have never been exposed and to create an environment that fosters sharing, learning and growth.

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What our Attendees say

It was refreshing to help people learn and interesting to see from a beginner's perspective.

Great space to learn ask questions in a non-judgmental space.

Positive, motivated, knowledgable team. Great intro for beginners with support. I came away with a good JavaScript overview.

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